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Why entrusting your projects to our web agency?

Web agencies perform various services such as website creation, writing optimized content, SEO…Companies wishing to optimize their activities can use the services of a digital communication agency, like the case of cocker-americain.fr. Outsourcing your projects to professional service providers allows you to save time and improve the reputation of a company.

Many projects can be carried out by our web agency such as: website creation, community management, web and mobile development, SEO… Whether it’s to create an e-commerce website or an information portal, our challenge is the creation of a unique website. SMEs and large companies can entrust us with their projects.


The mobile application is a tool adapted to the technical environments of tablets and smart phones. It facilitates access to company information.


The optimization of a website could be successful thanks to the different details. To make a web portal attractive, its content and visual appearance must be highlighted.


Attract more visitors and present your services or work to your customers by creating a custom website. Create a website that adapts to your needs.

Community management

Publish on a company through social networks.

Content marketing

Valuing a service, a brand or products.

Advertising campaign

Design of a captivating advertising campaign.


Stand out to better exist online!

Digital is an important part of the communication strategy to stand out from the competition. To succeed in a digital transformation, we must avoid certain mistakes. The objective of the transformation is to adapt to the internet strategy. Think about the content and form of your marketing communication like assurancespourchat.fr.

Set up an omni-channel customer relationship management solution, work on online presence through social networks…

Plan a strategic SEO audit to solve certain problems such as poorly optimized traffic, a poorly positioned portal, non-indexed pages…

SEO Audit

SERP positioning


Boosting the visibility of your website!

Use netlinking to create natural inbound links. Set up an adapted frequency of publication as well as a balanced distribution of texts, links…

Quality netlinking

Quality items

Web content represents a perfect balance between search engine friendly content and texts that are of interest to readers.

Optimized web content

Keyword strategy

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Targeting is the key!

To optimize the referencing of your website, one of the solutions is to target the right keywords in your content strategy. To increase the notoriety of your company, the trick is to think about an optimized and interesting content.

By targeting the right keywords, website owners increase traffic on their Internet platforms. When creating content marketing, one must ensure that it is well integrated with SEO.